Once there was a girl who loved Adventure.

She brought it with her everywhere she went.

Adventure and the girl explored the world

to find everything, and everything it meant.


As the girl grew up, Adventure grew up too.

They travelled farther out and then beyond.

They learned about the places that they saw,

and about themselves, and their own special bond.


Adventure led the little girl away

to Costa Rica, Europe, Kenya too,

but then it brought her all the way back home

to share the things she saw and felt and knew.


Bethany Fosdyck has been a handicraft designer in Kenya, done language and service work in Costa Rica, and studied fashion history in Italy. She was also a visual merchandiser in Denver, Colorado, and is now the Buyer, Manager, and Visual Merchandiser for Bushbaby. She is an outdoor enthusiast and energetic aunt who loves to see children everywhere get outside and find their own little adventures.