It's exciting to think of the day that a little kid will get to explore the world. We want to help share that dream, and make sure there are beautiful places to find.

At Bushbaby we:

  • offer a 15% discount on top-notch pure and safe body care brands for members of our Clean Slate Club - join here or sign up in the store for free and you'll receive a special introductory gift bag, free samples throughout the year and more. Learn more here.
  • donate 1% of THE CONSERVATION PROJECT sales to local youth organizations every year
  • THE CONSERVATION PROJECTaccept and re-sell gently used children’s clothing and gear from our family of brands (see our Goods page). When you donate items, you’ll receive credit toward your next purchase at Bushbaby. When you buy recycled items, you’ll receive quality products with lots of life left, at a discount!
  • support economic development through our partnerships with Ten Thousand Villages, Amani Ya Juu, Marula Studio's Ocean Sole and YEMA Home (see our Goods page).
  • offer gifting services that include complimentary gift packaging, gift registry + wish lists, gift cards and shipping services for any occasion
  • can support your fundraiser! We have outfitted models for fashion shows, donated coupons or door prizes + much more.

When you shop at Bushbaby, you help us make a difference. Thank you.