This 2,000-acre zoological park is home to over 50 different species native to Illinois. Bison, elk, bobcat, black bears, cougars, otter and more can be seen in their natural habitat. A must see! The parks mission is conservation, education, and recreation for its nearly 140,000 annual visitors. As one of the Midwest’s leading destinations, visitors from across the globe have enjoyed its beauty and wonder.

Take advantage of everything the park has to offer above and beyond animal trails — Mountain biking and hiking, fishing, winter sledding, disc golf, and lodging.


Daily: 9am- 6:30pm

In order to ensure each guest is able to enjoy the Park, they limit the last admission to the Park one hour before closing. This provides at least an hour to enjoy the Park before they close for the day.

Open year round!
Just 10 miles west of downtown Peoria, conveniently located 2.5 miles south of I-74

Wildlife Prairie Park’s Education Department Mission Statement:
“To inspire an increased awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the natural heritage of Illinois.”

The Adventure Trek is a must see. There’s so much there it’s hard for us to fit in one visit. This is our first year with a membership, and we love the “science” room in the visitor center geared towards young kids, the special spot with the keeper and animals, the train...and of course the holiday activities they offer year round!


Adventure treks, hazel’s hill of flowers, having picnics with Sacajawea. The Golly Whopper slide with wax paper. -Cara


For me as a kid: Visiting my Aunt who worked there my whole childhood. Going down the huge Golly Whopper slide (especially with wax paper)! Climbing up in the old pioneer house to see what it used to be like living during that time. Ringing the bell in front of the school house even though my parents hated when we all had to do it ourselves 😂 Petting Dandy the horse that the statue near the visitor's center was modeled after! Now with my daughter: having our own membership and just going out there to visit whenever we want. Stopping at each enclosure to see who can spot the animals first! Taking the train, even though the route has never changed, it's still just as fun each time we go. And we're hoping that the next time we go we'll get the chance to take the Adventure Trek out!