Our Mother's Day Gifts: Meet These Amazing Mamas!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your beautiful words and for telling us about all the amazing mamas in your lives! We wanted to introduce some wonderful women to you. Happy Mother's Day to all these wonderful mamas!


Sue Kelley

My mom! Where to even begin? She's the best there is. I was the one who made her a mom. Now 32 years ago and having had my own little girl, I get just how special that is. My mom put her career on hold for 10 years to raise me and my sister, Megan. A career she loved, was passionate about, and had the patience for. She returned to her calling as a Catholic School Kindergarten teacher once me and Megan got into grade school. My dad worked as a firefighter. My mom made so many sacrifices that as a kid I totally took for granite. My dad worked a crazy schedule of 24 hours on duty 48 hours off. My mom worked a career, raised us kids, and ran a household. Today looking back, I don't know how she kept it all together. While my dad was on duty my mom was the chef, teacher, home work checker, night time routine do-er, taxi driver, snack maker, biggest cheerleader, and the boss. My mom has continued to amaze me by her strength, support, love, and patience for everyone. She is grace, love, and everything I hope to be to my little girl. She has taken her new role as "meme" very seriously. She is Kate most favorite person and it makes me fill with pride knowing Kate gets to know her, love her, and learn from MY MOM, my person...the person who taught me and my biggest role model. I am so thankful for my mom and how she shaped me into the person I am today. I hope I make her proud. My mom deserves the world!

Mollie Shepherdson

Tiffany Wyse-Fisher

Tiffany Wyse-Fisher

Tiffany Wyse-Fisher

Tiffany is an incredible individual, one who never ceases to amaze me. She exudes love and has a generous heart, always thinking of how she can be of support for family, friends, or neighbors. She is an artist working on her craft; always dreaming and scheming about what she'll create next. She is my partner in raising three strong-willed boys, helping to model for them ways that are just, kind, and fair, and demonstrating how to stand up for what is right. And she (mostly) puts up with their shenanigans. She is one with a passion for adventure, whether that's choosing experiences over things or using change from the couch to go get ice cream. She has a wit and sense of humor that makes me laugh. And while she is a planner (you should see her calendar), she is even more a woman of action. I wouldn't have her any other way. 

Dustin Wyse-Fisher



My sister, Christin, is a wonderful mother, sister, wife, daughter and community member. She is a role model to me of the parent I strive to be. She is calm, when the environment around her is not. She is the sweetest and most nurturing mother to her two boys and my daughter, always role modeling positive behavior.  Her natural beauty is timeless. She makes life with two boys look effortless though she works tirelessly always doing special activities. She gives to everyone and asks nothing for herself. She is wonderful and I am so thankful to have her in my life. 

Amelia Libernini



Beth Alvarez

As Adalyn turns one, I am impressed with Beth's love, diligence and care. Even after Beth returned to work, Adalyn is still in cloth diapers (even to daycare), nursing, eating homemade organic food and receiving loads of love. Beth has a supportive husband, friends, family, doctors, and online support group. She researches topics. Even though Adalyn doesn't sleep through the night, Beth is so patient and loving. I'm so proud of Beth. 

Pat Erwin

Beth Alvarez with Pat & Adalyn

Beth Alvarez with Pat & Adalyn

Our Daughter’s Birth Mother

While I won’t give a name for her privacy. I want to tell you about the most brave and selfless mother I know. 4 years ago we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Our family of three grew in the course of three days. After years of waiting and hoping a dream came true. Our youngest daughter’s birth mom gave us a gift we will forever be greatful for. This young woman chose to place her baby with our family. She was 16 at the time. She made a decision that was scary,brave and selfless. She loved her little girl so much and knew that this was the best decision she could make for her. We have been blessed beyond words. We have the opportunity to have her in our lives since that day. We get to see her live her wonderful life and she gets to be a part of her daughters as well. The relationship we have with our birth mom is unusual in this situation. We talk all the time and spend time with her when we can. This young woman is the most amazing mom there is. Thanks to her she has made me a mother again. Something we were unsure would be possible.

Samantha Petrea

So many amazing women. Thank you all for introducing us. #mothersdayeveryday

Original invitation article:

Last year, we offered a giveaway as an incentive for all of our beautiful mamas out there to tell us about the most important fathers in their lives. 

The responses were breathtaking, tearjerking and beyond heartwarming. We were blown away by how many amazing fathers surrounded our Bushbaby community, and this article highlighting each of the fathers is one we go back to often to make us smile and remind us why we are here. 


Please take a minute to meet these great men and send loving vibes to them and their blessed families. We are grateful to have people like them raising little adventurers in Central Illinois. 

And while we could only pick one dad to win the cool prizes we wrapped up, we hope our little project helped ice the Father's Day cake for these dads on their special day.

…and now it’s Mom’s turn.

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Now through May 10, we would like to hear your story of your favorite Mother(s) and why they are special. Whether it’s your mother, your sister, your wife, your best friend or just someone who has inspired you with their motherhood…please share. Tell us about them through the form below, or simply email mama@bushbaby.co with as many or as few words as you’d like. Please include at least one picture (1-3 would be great). 

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We are so excited to meet them.