Our Mother's Day Gifts

Last year, we offered a giveaway as an incentive for all of our beautiful mamas out there to tell us about the most important fathers in their lives. 

The responses were breathtaking, tearjerking and beyond heartwarming. We were blown away by how many amazing fathers surrounded our Bushbaby community, and this article highlighting each of the fathers is one we go back to often to make us smile and remind us why we are here. 


Please take a minute to meet these great men and send loving vibes to them and their blessed families. We are grateful to have people like them raising little adventurers in Central Illinois. 

And while we could only pick one dad to win the cool prizes we wrapped up, we hope our little project helped ice the Father's Day cake for these dads on their special day.

…and now it’s Mom’s turn.

mama 2.jpeg

Now through May 10, we would like to hear your story of your favorite Mother(s) and why they are special. Whether it’s your mother, your sister, your wife, your best friend or just someone who has inspired you with their motherhood…please share. Tell us about them through the form below, or simply email mama@bushbaby.co with as many or as few words as you’d like. Please include at least one picture (1-3 would be great). 

mama 4.jpeg

While one lucky mama will win a special Mother’s Day gift package from all of us at Bushbaby (including a fair trade Mata Traders jewelry set, a Beautycounter clean beauty lip set and a super-soft Wild Mama tshirt from Independent Heartland - see below), we promise every submittal will make it onto our site so we can all highlight and recognize all the wonderful mamas out there. 

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Mother's Name
Mother's Name

We are so excited to meet them.