Become a #BUSHBUNCHBABE Ambassador

As an ambassador with Bushbaby, you simply tell your friends about our company through your favorite social media platforms. It’s easy. No fees or contracts. We just want you to share how much you love Bushbaby and our brands with your family + friends.
In order to be an ambassador


• Share photos including tags FB, Pinterest + Twitter: @bushbabyinc IG: #peoriasbushbaby #bushbunchbabe

• Join our closed groups FB: BUSHBUNCH (

• Subscribe YouTube channel: Bushbaby ( BUSHBUNCH e-newsletter ( at footer)

• Support our brands by following + tagging their efforts

In exchange for your support, you will receive

• Access to monthly links or coupon codes on our website, email or social media accounts.

• Monthly credit to be used in-store

• Access to monthly savings before public release

**In order to join, your social media accounts must be public.

Once you have completed the form + list, you will receive your first package in the mail!