Get to know a local mama: Meet BRITTANY

Introducing BRITTANY!

I was born in Decatur, IL and raised all over. We relocated roughly every three years around Mississippi, Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania. I was a competitive gymnast until my senior year. Since third grade, I had always wanted to be a Pediatrician so I took a health occupations class in high school. I quickly realized I didn’t love being around blood and needles and figured I should probably find a new career choice. Around that same time, I dislocated my elbow in gymnastics and wasn’t able to participate in hospital rounds. I shadowed a speech language pathologist and fell in love with the profession. I graduated with my Masters Degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences from Texas Christian University. (go Horned Frogs!)


I am married to an amazing man named Scott. We met the summer before I left for grad school in Texas when I locked my keys in my car and he came to my rescue. At the time he was working for his dad’s locksmith shop. My dining room is decorated in a “key” theme for this reason. We settled in Peoria as he graduated college first and got his first job here. Now almost seven years later, we have two darling little boys, Colby and Miles.

I have so many passions it’s hard to keep up. I LOVE learning something new and really enjoy reading. At work, I’m a “jack of all trades” and dabble in a little of everything from working with adults at OSF to babies and toddlers with Communication Junction. I really enjoy working with individuals with Parkinson’s Disease as well as teach littles and their parents sign language. Seeing people of all ages being able to communicate better brings me so much joy.


The best part of being their mom is watching them bond. I love when Colby tries anything and everything to make Miles giggle and watching Miles’ face light up when Colby enters the room. I pray they grow up to be very good friends.

Summer or fall plans for the family?

We’ve been busy this summer traveling to see family all over. We are looking forward to a trip to Omaha at the end of the month to visit with my dad.

Helpful activities to keep you little ones active, to pass along to other local families?

We love to take “date walks” in the evenings. We all take a walk together around the neighborhood and catch up on each other’s day. I look forward to it so much! We try to find something engaging for Colby so that he has fun too, whether it’s playing “I spy with my little eye” or using his toy magnifying glass to find bugs, I think we all find a way to have fun and reconnect each day it’s so important!