For Sale.

I asked a dear friend if I could share one of her latest posts- such a touching testament to a single piece that holds such memories. I think of that often when a mama or daddy brings in such pieces for our CONSERVATION PROJECT...


For Sale: One gently, but greatly used Ergo carrier. Description: Black shell with green sun cover. Notable descriptives: The carrier of my most precious things. It is the sling that carried my first son across the U.S. border, and the backpack that allowed me to I wear my youngest as I hiked up the tallest mountain I have ever dared to climb. It has held every one of my babies from the day I knew them until the day they exceeded 30 pounds. It has traveled around the globe - crossing into at least four different continents. I can remember every side ally I walked down with a little person slung to my back. I has been used to wipe away tears and shield the sun. One time I even found $20 in the pocket. I guess for that reason you could dare to call it magical. Cost: Free to a good home. I hope that if you claim it, you will dare to find it to be as beautiful as I did - allowing you to carry your babies for many years. Please just take a moment to smell your baby's beautiful soft head for me and remember that they grow up. Someday they will be out on their scooters on a Sunday afternoon and won't be asking to be held anymore. Someday your babies might talk more about baseball or Mustangs than their teddies and capes. Someday you might pass this on, and it will make you so sad because it is the end of a really beautiful era. But while you're typing the description for someone else to decide if they want to take it off your hands, you'll also remember to be thankful that you get to be a part of this new era - an era that still seems so confusing to you because it is full of joy, but also teeny tiny bits of sadness. So you can have my Ergo for free. But the memories you make and the way it cradles your babies so close to you - that part is up to you. Just let me know.