#MYadventure: Spring Break in FLORIDA with Sonya's family

Another installment in our #MYadventure series!

Let's travel with Sonya's family to FLORIDA! Sonya works part-time at BUSHBABY + loves sharing her family's adventures here -- hoping to inspire other families to find their own adventures!

It was February + we were slogging through this strange winter, itching for a little travel at Spring Break. My husband + I checked in with the big kids {21,19+17} only to find out none of them would be available during that week. Not surprising of course, considering the crazy lives they live, but still disappointing.

We're slowly adjusting to this new stage of parenting, with the older kids developing their own values + managing their own schedules apart from us. Over the years we have traveled all over the US with our five kids + love how travel + exploration have formed our family. Thankfully, we still have two middle schoolers at home, who have to come with us where we go!! :)

We picked a rental condo on the beaches of Panama City Beach + invited my parents to join us. Many condos + houses can be rented inexpensively in this area through websites such as VRBO, Homeaway + AirBnB. It takes some time, but navigating each site is customizable according to desired dates + number of people. It's actually fun to look at all the possible locations!

We decided to keep the vacation simple + booked four nights. We started planning the meals, to keep the budget low + to enjoy lots of down time. We were coming out of a stressful season + heading into a crazy May. So we wanted to enjoy the beach, hike a little + read a lot of books.

Honestly that's pretty much how it worked out. Our girls {13 + 11} are suberb travelers by this point -- they read, listened to music + snacked for 12 hours there + back again. They brought plenty of books they were into {including Twilight for the 13 yr old + Fablehaven for the 11 yr old}, as well as a few games + their headphones, of course.

We did both long + short beach walks and loved seeing the huge groups of rays from our balcony (or even along the beach when we were walking at dusk). The water is crystal blue, the sand white + soft. SO beautiful! Our area of the beach turned out to be almost empty whenever we set up our little umbrella + chair collection. There are many activities to do in PCB, but don't miss Conservation Park. Hiking + biking were perfect for our little group.

Whatever the season for your family, embrace the opportunity to explore different areas + expose your kids to nature of all types!

See Sonya's other two posts in the #MYadventure series here + here. It's so fun to see adventures that other families head out on! If you would like to share about an amazing place your family went, just contact BUSHBABY! We'd love to welcome you to share here on the journal.