Get to know a local mama: MEET Britt!

Welcome, Britt! We're so happy to hear from you today!

First a little about your younger years...

I was born in Rockford, IL although my hometown was a small farm town an hour from there. My family moved to Morton when I was in junior high for a Cat relocation from Aurora. After high school graduation I moved to Seattle to join my sister and attended massage therapy school.

Fill us in on how your family was formed + about your current season of life.

After a few years out west, I moved to Chicago for several years and eventually back to Peoria. Soon after moving to Peoria I met my husband and we married a few years later. We have a 15 month old, sweet girl named Cecelia. The best part of being her mom is watching her grow and learning her personality! She says hi and waves to everyone we pass, she has the most infectious smile and she screams when she is excited (which is often). I hope she is always this happy, friendly and excitable!

What are you looking forward to in this new year?

This new year, I am focusing even more so on my family's health. I am passionate about limiting my family's exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and go out of my way to buy organic, cook fresh meals versus processed foods and watch what soaps, lotions, etc we are putting on our skin. We each have our "thing" and this is mine. :)

Anything special you look for when you come in to BUSHBABY?

Some of my favorite things at Bushbaby are the outerwear collection, including shoes and The Conservation Project. I love being able to buy someone else's gently used items for a discount! I also appreciate the option to sell back items that we grew out of quickly! Plus, I find something unique everytime I go in and that is more fun than shopping online!

Well, thank you so much, Britt, for introducing your family to our BUSHBUNCH! We just love making connections with parents that understand our values at BUSHBABY!