Getting to know an East Peoria mama: MEET Janelle!

Welcome to Janelle + her family!

Hello! I'm Janelle. I was born and raised in Washburn, Illinois. I graduated from Bradley University with my Master’s Degree in Accounting. My husband, Jarrad, was born and raised in Canton, Illinois and he graduated from ISU with his Master’s Degree in Accounting as well. There is still a little rivalry that flares up every once in a while which makes things fun! We now live in East Peoria.

Last October, we were blessed with our first little bundle of joy, Lexi! It’s hard to believe that it has almost been a year already. Lexi has such a sweet personality and I have loved watching it develop. She can be completely silly one minute and the next she wants to snuggle. I’ll take all the snuggles I can get!

My parents own property near Lacon, Illinois. As a kid growing up, I enjoyed being out there in the woods hunting for mushrooms or “treasures” and fishing in the pond. I’m excited to now get the chance to share those experiences with Lexi as she gets older. She did get the chance to touch a fish this summer but she wasn’t too sure about it just yet. Maybe next year! When we can’t get out to the pond, we also like taking hikes at Forest Park Nature Center and going to the Riverfront Market.

Autumn is my favorite time of year! I love when the temperatures cool down and we can get outside more. I am excited to take Lexi to either Tanner’s Orchard this fall so she can pick out her own pumpkin that we can carve! We have already made one trip there this year and she loved to feed the goats!

Thanks SO much, Janelle for sharing a glimpse of your life! 

Enjoy fall with your little one + grab all the snuggles you can!