Get to know a "northern" mama: Meet Cassie

Hello! Start out by telling us a little bit about yourself. Born + raised? University? Meeting your hubby?

Born and raised in rural Tremont. Got my associates to become a radiologic technologist. Met Doug my second year of college through mutual friends....he was attending SIU at the time. We have moved 7 times since being together - so not sure we are ever "settled." Ha! Dated for 4 years and got married after he returned home from deployment in Iraq. Married almost 11 years now.

And children?

Eli will be 8 next month and time is flying by so fast! Ellyse is 18 months old and not a "baby" anymore. I love watching both of their personalities develop more and more each day. They are both very energetic and persistent kiddos! Doug's job has moved us quite a bit but we love the opportunity it has provided by showing our kids different parts of the country - something neither of us got as children and places we wouldn't probably ever get to show them by just staying put.

Since you live north now, what are must-have pieces that you have for your kiddos moving into fall + winter?

Some "must have pieces" we enjoy, living in the north woods, are north face fleeces. They are great for the changes in weather we have. Also base layers are a must for doing any snow activities! And beanies are great too! Something for others to look at are Stormy Kromers! While living in the UP I found them - got myself one and fell in love. I love the story behind how they were made - for a railroader! And continue to be "local" in the UP!

Well, thank you for taking time to chat with us. I look forward to seeing you here at Bushbaby at the end of the month, as you venture down to visit family!