Get to know a Peoria mama: MEET Ashley

Hi, my name is Ashley and I was born and raised here locally. I am a Bradley University graduate, and my husband and I currently live in the Peoria area with our two wonderful children who are ages 6 and 2.

This summer has gotten off to a great start with a family vacation to beach where we enjoyed the sand and sun! The kids were so excited to recently experience their first Major League baseball game too. The rest of our summer will be filled with fun days at the pool and being outdoors! The kids love visiting the farm so they get to experience feeding the horses, collecting eggs from the chickens, and relaxing in the hammock between the fruit trees... a perfect recipe for a summer vacation!

Bushbaby has been wonderful to our family, and their service is just outstanding! The Keen shoes and the new Plae shoes are big hits with my little ones, and their selection of winter shoes are fantastic! They also offer so many unique and quality goods, and the handmade items from Kenya - those hold a dear place in my heart! Throughout the years Bethany has been a strong advocate for helping others, and it's so amazing how she is pursuing her dream while still helping those in need halfway across the world. It meant so much to us when Bushbaby opened their doors. We always enjoy supporting our local businesses, and we are so grateful for Bethany and Bushbaby being part of the community!

Ashley, thank you so much for sharing your sweet words with us as we settle into summer. Your kids sound adventurous -- enjoy the rest of your summer days!