Guest Post by Rachel: Ahhhh Summer Time!

Ahhh summer time! The transition from winter to spring and then to summer is just lovely isn't it? The world seems to be a little more lively and everything is new again. Now, if you know me, you know that I tend to be more of a cooler weather type of gal. Intense heat and humidity are not my closest friends BUT I always welcome summer with open arms and I do throughouly enjoy the sun and fun that summer brings. Lets just keep it below 85, ok? ;)

I must say, the top reason I am so glad for summers arrival is that I get to spend it at home with my daughter. Miss Hadley June will be two and a half this month. She is 2 going on 5, she is independent but cautious. She is determined, perceptive and has such a sweet, gentle, loving spirit. She is amazing.

During one of our recent breakfast conversations I asked June what she wanted to do this summer and she so enthusiastically said "make a BIG hideout!" So, making a BIG hideout is on the top of our list folks! This summer we also plan on spending time with friends and family and going to some of our favorite local places...Peoria Playhouse, The Peoria Zoo, Forest Park Nature Center, and Bradley Park.

We have a trip planned to go see family in Tybee Island, GA which we are really looking forward to. It will be her first trip to the ocean and I can't wait to see her face when she steps onto that beach and sees the water.

I am so excited for our days hanging out at home, playing, maybe filling up our little plastic swimming pool or taking a stroll around the neighborhood. She loves being outside, exploring what the outdoors has to offer. Her favorite things right now are racing up and down the sidewalk, swinging at the park, watering the plants, and using her new garden tools that a neighbor so kindly gifted.

It is remarkable to watch her grow and learn. Because of her, I am seeing this world through whole new set of eyes. She finds joy, wonder, and excitement in things that I have taken for granted or just passed on by. She lives fully in the present and does so with all that she has.

Not so long ago my husband Jesse, June, and myself were outside on our back patio. June was playing with her toys and with much excitement she said "let's go on an adventure, guys!"

Yes, June! Let's go on an adventure!

Enjoy your summer adventures friends, where ever they may be.

With love,