Get to know a Michigan mama: MEET BETH!

Today we welcome Beth to the BUSHBABY journal.
While she has strong Central IL connections, Beth + her sweet family enjoy their home in Michigan, fitting in lots of visits with their IL family.

So Beth, where were you born + raised?
Hi! I was born and raised in Tremont, IL before going to the University of Wisconsin for college and accepting my first job at Haworth, a privately held office furniture company in Holland, MI. I live in Grand Haven now. Which if you hold up your left hand to look like a mitten, we are located by the left edge of the palm.

Schooling/ University years?
As mentioned, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with an industrial engineering degree. I then completed my MBA at Grand Valley State University while working full time at Haworth. I am currently a Business Process Analysis at Haworth on the software deployment team.

I met my husband, Scott, through a mutual friend at Haworth. We have been married 8 ½ years and still both work at Haworth, only a few offices apart. He also works as a reserve for the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office.

Tell us a bit about your kid(s)?
We have three handsome boys. Christian is 5 ½ year old and a great big brother. He is in his first year of school and in the young 5s group. He loves to make arts and crafts and build things. Deacon is soon to be 4 end of the month. He loves to be outside and working side by side with daddy. Our youngest is Chase and turns two today! He is always on the go and loves trying to keep up with his big brothers.

Since you live north, what is a favorite memory from this winter?
This winter has been a mild one for us vs normally. However, we have found time to get outside and play. The two oldest had fun building their version of a snow fort (piling snow in a pileJ) and sledding down our hill at home. Chase attempted sledding, but was not a huge fan of the snow.

What are your boys' loves while outside?
Our boys love to be outside! If it is a nice day that is where they will be. From looking for bugs, digging, building things with their tools or riding their gator. We have a tree line in back and they will walk back there to look for things. We also enjoy family walks around our subdivision where the boys ride their bikes or are pulled in the wagon. In the summer we try to make it to many parks and the beach, one of the advantages of living 10 minutes from Lake Michigan!

How will you help your kids make the winter/spring transition?
It is not much work to help make the transition from winter to spring for the boys. Thanks to their grandma and your great shop, they quickly get outfitted in summer gear – coats, shoes, and clothes. Deacon was just asking last week if the snow was done. When I told him I think so, he said good because I want to go outside and play in shorts. Another nice advantage here for summer play is the extended daylight, which lends to extra time of fun in the sun!

Well, Beth, we do love it when your boys sport their BUSHBABY wear up north! Thanks so much for sharing a bit about your family's life + for encouraging all of us to encourage little adventures on a daily basis -- your boys have lots of fun!