Get to know a Central IL mama: Meet Tiffany

Where were you born and raised?

I was born at OSF hospital here in Peoria and have lived in Peoria Heights my entire life. I actually delivered both of my children at the same hospital that I was born in. It’s a nice perk of being from a smaller hometown.

College and Career?

I attended ICC after high school and finished my pre-pharm/med coursework. I decided it wasn’t for me after working a couple years in a pharmacy. I currently work at Alexander’s Steakhouse in the evenings so I can stay home with my baby during the day.

Tell us about your family.

I married my lovely husband, AJ Sanders, in 2014. I was so lucky to find such an amazing man to share my life with. He is an amazing father and wonderful friend. I couldn’t ask for a better guy! Together we have two amazing children, Natalie and Nolan. Natalie is seven and Nolan is six months. Natalie loves craft projects, girl scouts, and her summer running programs. Nolan is an active six month old who is learning to crawl and just cut his first tooth!

Now in the first of the year, what are some things your kids are doing? Any resolutions for the family?

Natalie is gearing up for Girl Scout cookie sales, one of her favorite parts of Girl Scouts. The rest of us are anxious for the warm weather to arrive! Our resolution for the year is try to be a healthier family. Considering my pregnancy cravings were ice cream and brownie sundaes, we got a little of track. We recently joined Riverplex so we can be more active.

Favorite things to do with family in Peoria? Favorite spots outside of Peoria?

We love visiting the Peoria Zoo. Natalie loves seeing all the animals and telling us what she has learned about that animal. We also like going walking on the trails close to our house. AJ is from Chicago so we like going up there to visit. There are so many neat things to do. Natalie’s favorite place to visit up there is the American Girl Store. I also have a brother that lives in Vail, CO and we love going to the mountains and fishing there.

Favorite items from Bushbaby?

We cloth diaper Nolan and Bushbaby covers all our needs. We love the Project Pomona pants from there as well as their GroVia diapers. Those jeans are perfect for cloth diapered babies or even longer babies. They grow with him so I don’t have to keep buying him a new size every month. Natalie loves their PLAE shoes! You can change out the Velcro tabs so she loves doing that all the time. We also love the TEA Collection for our kids. They hold up well and we can exchange it for store credit when they move up a size.

If you haven’t been to Bushbaby, you need to go! Everyone I’ve told about the store loves it. The customer service is awesome and they make sure you leave happy. Beth is such an amazing owner, we go to her for anything we can!

Tiffany, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. We are delighted to call you a friend + GIANT supporter of our efforts here in Peoria.