Get to know a Central IL mama: Meet Nicole!

This month, welcome with us Nicole, a Morton mama.

Hi, Nicole! Where were you born + raised?

I’m Nicole married to Bryan and mother of 2, Alexa and Bryce. I was born in Peoria and raised in East Peoria, but my husband’s career brought us to reside in Morton, IL. Go Pumpkin Festival!!!!! (It’s this month).

Tell us a bit about your college years.

I was a parents nightmare and attended many universities following high school, but eventually graduated from ISU with a bachelors in Biology and Midwestern University with my Masters in Physical Therapy. Even though I stressed my parents out with my many school changes, I made many wonderful and long lasting friends during my college career. In fact, I met my husband of 13 years while in college working at Express……yes the women’s clothing store in Northwoods mall. Oddly I was in a bank robbery during that time and his pickup line when we first met was “So I hear you were in a bank robbery”… the rest is history!

So funny! Tell us about your sweet kiddos!

We now have Alexa and Bryce, who are 5 and 9. My two kiddos always provide excitement and are complete opposites. Alexa loves to be outside and Bryce is more my “indoor kid”. He does enjoy sports however, especially baseball and football. I don't usually enjoy watching sports, but when it is your kid playing, all of a sudden it is the most exciting thing to watch and you are the biggest fan! Alexa is more of my artist. She loves ballet, singing and drawing her famous “bubble head people” on paper or all over the driveway.

Are you a princess or an outdoor adventure girl?

I’m kind of in between the two of them. I enjoy playing sports (not watching), boating, swimming, and bonfires, but as soon as I see a spider I’m out of there! Luckily my husband enjoys camping and will take Bryce whenever he gets a chance.

What are your family's favorite fall activities?

This fall will be filled with going to my sons sporting events, biking, and hopefully relaxing by some bonfires. But one of my favorite activities in the fall is my annual girls weekend trip to New Buffalo Michigan…..wineries, shopping, and dancing…. What more could you want out of a weekend?

What do you snatch up for your kids at BUSHBABY?

I’m a sucker for the Tea brand clothing at Bushbaby, especially the boy’s items. My daughter lives in boots in the fall and winter so I cant wait to break out her cute North face boots that still fit from last year, (yea!) and the adorable Ugg boots we found there as well.

Anything else you would like to share with other moms in our BUSHBUNCH?

When you go into Bushbaby of course check out the great clothes, but also the great items from Ten Thousand Villages. These items make great gifts for all sorts of occasions! Also I learned the hard way, but always look inside the coats and write your child’s name, there is usually a name tag place….

I’m really excited Bethany brought Bushbaby to Peoria. I appreciate the quality of the clothing her store provides and the fact that she is always giving back to the community through her store and generosity!

Awww....thanks, Nicole! We love finding our place as a local shop here in Peoria. Your kids have been adorable models + examples to other kids, as they have shared in the fun at BUSHBABY!