Guest Post by Abbey of Communication Junction

We're SO excited to welcome Abbey to the Bushbunch today! If you have ever seen this mama in action as she signs + teaches during one of her adorable classes through Communication Junction, you know we are in for a treat! Welcome, Abbey!

Raise your hand if you are outnumbered in your house?

I know I’m not the only one. I live with all boys (well with the exception of our super sweet German Shepherd named … Charlie… yes a boy name). Boys are loud. Boys are messy. Boys are rambunctious. Boys are… well, boys… and I live with three (four if you count the other dog) of them.

Welcome to my life. I love it. I’m Abbey. I’m a Peoria native and couldn’t be more proud to live in this wonderful city (although I can’t say I always felt that way… think High School Years). My husband’s also local-ish and together we have two awesome boys.
Owen is 8 – we call him the cyclone. He is 100% energy all the time. He is smart, funny and full of energy. Colin is 6 – his nickname used to be tank – he was a big baby. He is silly, the sweetest little boy you’ve ever met and most definitely the baby of the family.

The short story to our adventure… Andy and I met while both living on the East Coast. Enter marriage, two deployments (Andy not me) and two babies… and we were ready to come home to our family and raise the boys here in the Midwest. (Remember I said I didn’t always love Peoria? Views and values change as you mature.) Life was crazy for a while with two little boys so close in age, Andy re-starting his career and me starting a business.

Fast forward to present day and the fact that I live with all boys. I have found it challenging to find something that we all enjoy together. I don’t enjoy playing super heroes. I don’t enjoy rough housing. I don’t enjoy the volume that comes out of these little people. While the boys do enjoy art projects, helping me in the kitchen and reading together as a family, we needed an activity.
Enter this summer… we found the “happy place” for our family. Colin learned to ride bike without training wheels. Perfect. THIS is our new activity. THIS is what we all enjoy doing together.


We are fortunate to live near the Rock Island Trail. Over the past two months of training wheel freedom, we have increased our rides and locations. We took our bikes with us to Michigan and rode all around the beautiful city of South Haven. We have ridden our bikes South in Peoria as well as North. Most recently we completed a 12 mile bike ride, and lived to talk about it (although the boys will tell you they are never going that far again). As the weather turns colder, we’ll need to find a new activity we enjoy together, but for now, I’m enjoying our new found family time.

I was recently asked what I like to do to unwind at the end of a stressful day. Yes, I like alone time. Yes, I enjoy a glass of wine. Yes, I love to read.. but after thinking for a little while, what do I really love to do at the end of a stressful day? I love to spend time with my boys… all three of them. I live with all boys and I love it.

Thanks so much for sharing your life with us, Abbey! I can almost hear your boys begging you to play superheroes with you + then snuggling with you to read on the couch. We are thrilled to have Abbey celebrating with us at Our First Birthday Party, Sept 5. Be sure + join her at 10am or 11am for two mini-sessions!