Get to know a Peoria mama: Meet Heidi!

Today we welcome Heidi, owner of the darling storefront 2 doors down from us.

Welcome, Heidi! Can't wait to learn more about you!

Let's start at the beginning -- where were you born + raised?

I was born in Macomb, IL and raised in Bushnell, IL. It's a very small community about an hour southwest of here.

How about your schooling/ University years?

I graduated from Bradley University with my undergraduate degree and earned my Masters at the University of Illinois.

What was amazing about meeting hubby + settling here?

I fell hard for my husband when I met him. He was funny and smart. He is still by far the smartest person I know. He made everything seem easier from the moment I met him. Seems like a funny description. I just remember when I met him it felt like everything went his way and he took all my stress away. I felt like life was such a huge challenge before meeting him. Now, we have switched rolls and he is the worrier. Next month we will be married for 12! The best thing about settling here is our friends and family. Blake has many amazing friends from high school that opened their arms wide to me and are a second family to me. I’m also just an hour from my family! Blake’s parents live here half the year and are a tremendous help with our girls. Blake’s grandfather and grandmother both live locally and are dear to us.

Tell us a bit about your kid(s)? I have two amazing girls Fiona age 7 and Annabelle age 4. They are dramatically different. My oldest, Fiona is more serious and very driven. She was in competitive cheerleading the past 2 years and will be doing gymnastics this year. She also loves soccer. She is very smart, sensitive and caring. Fiona’s personality is a great blend of her father and I, but she looks like her daddy with dark hair and freckles. Annabelle is our fun loving child. She is very goofy and you never know what silly thing she will do next. She is very attached to me. She loves gymnastics and just started softball this year. She is adventurous. She acts like her daddy, but takes after my side of the family with her strawberry blonde hair. Both girls are very caring and can be shy until they become comfortable.

What was a favorite memory from this summer? I’d have to say watching my girls play softball together. Annabelle was such a little peanut out there and Fiona was a good helper to Annabelle. I literally jumped out of my seat cheering when Annabelle hit her first ball from the pitcher. Proud mommy moment. It’s the small things that get me.

What is your favorite thing about managing Wonderwall? I learn so much from the kids! They amaze me. I have said it a 1000 times. We give them a starting point and they use their creativity to take it to greater level! They are the true artists and teachers!

What is one thing you love about Peoria, or a place your family loves to visit? I love that Peoria is centrally located. It is an easy place for my family and friends to visit. We love to visit the new Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum, Zoo, Fondulac Farm Park across the river, and Dozer Park to watch a Chief’s game.

How do you help your kids(s) make the summer/school transition? Adjusting their bedtime as the summer ends is a major factor. I have to admit it has been a challenge because this summer has been my first time working full time since having my girls. Fiona attends Limestone Walters School and her teacher sent home a summer packet. Annabelle has a Pre-K workbook. The girls work on their packets with their babysitters over the summer. We use Math and Spelling apps on my phone or Ipad. We read a lot as well.