Get to know a Central IL mama: Meet Jacque!

We love introducing sweet mamas to our BUSHBUNCH. Please welcome with us our friend, Jacque.

Where were you born + raised?
I was born and raised in small town USA, Tremont, IL. In all seriousness though, it is really small, but I love living here.

Tell us about your college + career?
I went to ICC and then onto Bradley University where I studied Business Computer Systems (it is now referred to as Management Information Systems I believe). After graduating college I worked at Caterpillar for three years full-time, then was part-time for another year and a half. Now I am a full-time stay at home mom, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. God has blessed me we with a wonderful family.

Your hubby Matt?
I married Matt a month and an half after graduating college. He is an accountant. He is an amazing father and husband.

And your little kiddos?
Ian is our oldest, he is almost 10. Claire is our oldest daughter and she is 8 years old. Nolan is our youngest boy at 5. And Paige is the baby, although not so much anymore as she is 3.

Now that we're in the middle of summer, what are some things your kiddos are doing?
Well, we are in the heart of swim season! Ian and Claire both swim for the Tremont Torpedoes and love it. Even practice four mornings a week is not a struggle because they enjoy it so much. Nolan just finished up T-ball, and enjoys going swimming and playing outside with his brother and sisters. And Paige just enjoys being a big kid, and being with her siblings.

Living in the Tremont/Peoria area, where are your favorite places to take the family?
We enjoy going to different parks around the area, my younger two love Monkey Joes. They all enjoy swimming, or being in water. They are pretty much up for anything at any time, just like to go. They are always asking, "Where are we going tomorrow?"

With your family being “the face of Bushbaby," what Bushbaby pieces are your kids' favorites? (Their grandmother, Skip, helps here on Mondays, eldest son Ian comes to help any chance he can + al the kids are models in photo shoots.)

I love all of your items, but my favorites are Keen Shoes and the Conservation Project.
After asking my kids, these are their opinions:
Paige: “a Bushbaby shirt” Why? “cause I do.”
Nolan: “the shopping carts” to which I replied how about something you can buy, “those bicycle toys”, from Ten Thousand Villages. Why? “because it’s fun.”
Claire: “Shoes, because they are comfy.”
Ian: “Cups for their designs and colors, the sand toys are fun to play with, the Headlights have cool designs and colors, I like everything, it’s hard to choose” [And after Nolan heard this he said, “Oh, I love the headlights, they are my favorite thing I ever got.”]

Haha :) Jacque, thanks for sharing your family with the BUSHBUNCH! We love having your kids in the store + of course they look adorable in their cute apparel!