Guest Post by Daryl: The Adventure of Being a Mama

Oh, hey! My name is Daryl Mahoney-Daugherty. I know, what a long last name; I just couldn’t let go of Mahoney when I got married. I guess I will always be a daddy’s girl. I grew up on a farm outside of a small town with two brothers and two sisters. I am the second oldest of the five of us. If you have ever seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you would know what it’s like at my parents when we all go home (loud and lots of food).

My parents raised us to be adventurous and to speak our minds, so that is what I have been doing my whole life. I have a lot of hobbies, because I don’t like to stay still or feel stuck. I graduated from St. Francis Medical Center College of Nursing and work at OSF as a nurse. I also work at ICC as a CNA instructor. My husband is a high school social studies teacher. One of our dreams is to someday both be teaching full time so we have summers off together to travel!

I met my husband, quite unexpectedly, through a mutual friend. We got married at my parent’s house three years ago in August. Being with him has been an adventure all its own. We have been coast to coast and to the Canadian border together—we would have crossed the border, but we both forgot our passports! So far, we have traveled to 38 states together. Hiking, biking, canoeing, walking, traveling, and fixing up our house are just a few of the things we enjoy doing together. Last summer we started working on our yard and have become quite the landscapers.

When I married my husband I also gained two beautiful step daughters, Nadia and Sophia. Then, last August, we welcomed our little boy into the world. After a few months of contemplating over boy names, we decided to call him Ezra. He is the happiest little man alive, and is constantly smiling. He loves to be outside and he loves to hike with us. Just recently, we took him on his first bike ride ever and, go figure, he loved it.

Being a mom is an adventure I really never thought I would have. I know it sounds cliché, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love being a mom to this little man! I love playing with him, nursing him, watching him learn new things, and exploring the world around him. I really enjoy making him baby food too. It’s so much fun to see him try new foods that I have made for him. Thank God he is not picky like his Dad and turned out to be very adventurous like both of us! I wish he wouldn’t grow up so fast, but at the same time I can’t wait to see what kind of a man he will become. I think every mom can relate.

Life as a mom is only getting better for me as he gets older! We have plans this summer to do some traveling and camping with Ezra, which will be so much fun. When it comes to this family, hiking, camping, and biking are always in the forecast.

We love Bushbaby because they have all the best gear. We are using cloth diapers and love the fact that Bushbaby carries those supplies. One of our most recent purchases was the Osprey backpack carrier, the Poco Plus! We use it for hiking, obviously, but also to mow the grass. Ezra loves hanging out in the carrier, and it has opened up a world of new adventures for him.

Thanks so much, Daryl, for sharing your story with the Bushbunch. What great memories you have to share with Ezra as he grows. Sounds like you + your beautiful kids are on your way to making even more memories from coast to coast!

Thanks so much for making Bushbaby part of your family's story.