Guest Post by Lindsay of Wild Ginger: Mom of May

Well Hello!

Am I writing this after 10pm? absolutely! It’s a mother-of-babes thing. I do my best, well…my only work after 10pm. Let’s get serious!

Hi! I am Lindsay. I was born and raised here in this fine city. I really didn’t think it was that fine until lately, but it grows on you. I have a handsome beau, my preschool sweetheart (although we didn’t date until college), Nathan, and two lovely little redheaded wonders, Ruthie, my diva two and a half year old, and Tessa, my 10 month old flower child.


THE BACKSTORY | Nathan and I grew up in church together, fell madly in love (Long story) and then both went to Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I finished a Radio/TV degree with plans for radio & Nathan finished a bachelor’s in Structural Engineering. We finally tied the knot after his graduation in 2010. He started, soon after building up the family business, Wineinger & Sons, Inc. (you might see their big red trucks all over town). I began working to find my place in the workforce. I loved my job at the local Christian radio station, but couldn’t keep up with the hours and think of starting a family. Then, I worked at a commercial real estate company, and then finally ended up as a secretary in the Dunlap school district. I kid often, we got college educations to mow people’s lawns and to be a school secretary. But, I am absolutely certain, this is where God wants us.

THE NOW STORY | Right now, we live in a small elevator town outside of Princeville. Rural living at it’s finest…cornfields on one side of me and corn elevators on the other. We also help with a cattle farm on Nathan’s parents’ homestead plus we house 6 chickens. I dream of goats, pigs, and a horse some day, but that would require way more land and $, so I’m happy with my steak & eggs breakfast!

And, simultaneously with country living, we work hard. We’ve got to. At Wineinger & Sons, they mow, landscape, irrigate, remove snow, build houses, do home remodels and renovations and last year we added on Wineinger Welding & water hauling. By saying, they stay busy…yeah, that’s an understatement. Like, way under. I work for the insurance. I am headed into my third year as the sports secretary at Dunlap High School. It really is one of the coolest jobs ever.

THE GINGER STORY | Something Nathan and I are continually working toward is me staying home with the kids. In efforts to help that, I started my blog/print design company, Wild Ginger. I have fallen head over heels into blogging. On the print side of things, I do lots of wedding invitations & paper goods, logo & marketing work, party favors and invites, and lots more. Our goal is to bust our hump so that by the time glorious baby #3 arrives (God willing), I can contribute from home.

This may sound like all work and no family, but the divine thing, which I consider a huge blessing, is that they are combined. My girls see our hard work and see our commitment to them first hand. They are out helping Uncle “Bubba” feed the cows, or bundled up in the back seat of the plow truck jammin’ out to “Frozen” with Dad. How uniquely awesomely wonderful is that?! And sooo funny…Give me a Disney Movie Trivia and Wineinger men would stomp you, HANDS down!

I honestly can’t type much more here without breaking into a story about Ruthie & her purple rain boots or Tessa and her incredible jewelry fetish…or my crazy pups or…well you get my drift…so please feel free to catch up with me on my blog. I have way too much fun there.

Otherwise, if you need us, we’ll be outside...right now, in the garden or out with the cows, or in the fall at the Princeville football games watching Natha…I mean, Coach Wineinger and his serious face…or in the winter, hikin’ up our snow pants or hookin’ on the plows.

Thanks, Bushbaby for thinking of the Wineingers! We are fans/supporters/shoppers/you get me...we’ll be in the shop again soon!

Sincerely, A Cattle Farmer & his 3 Wild Gingers