Guest Post by Nicole: It Takes a Village

Today, I stopped in Bushbaby to pick up Joey. No, not everyone can go to Bushbaby and get a Joey..I am just one lucky lady. While I was there I saw the sign over in the play area that said Little Adventures. And it gave me the focus of my blog post...the little adventure that Joey and I have been on.

Joey and I became a forever family on March 5th, the day she became a US citizen. Forever is a word that describes so many aspects of our adventure. It felt like forever for me to finally see the face of the little one, whom God was blessing me with to care and give the best life possible. Forever til I heard you can book your tickets to Haiti and meet your wonderful daughter! Forever until I heard those words, she has a passport! Forever until I heard them say, they fixed the error in her paperwork and she was FINALLY coming home. Forever til we were back on U.S. soil and ready to start our new adventure together in good ol' Central Illinois.

Our new adventure is not just about Joey and I, it is also about the village that has so graciously supported and helped us every step of the way. From my parents, who couldn't have been more happy when their single daughter said she was going to adopt a little one from a third world country, from my brother and sister-in-law and nieces who skyped with us the moment we walked into the Peoria airport and who have checked in and face timed us almost daily, even though they are 1,800 miles away. To my family who has prayed for and supported me every step of the way and to the amazing friends that have done everything from flying to Haiti with me, to purchasing meals and groceries for us, given us hand me downs, agreed to be Joey's godparents, had play dates with us, and have agreed to watch her while I head back to work, I am forever grateful to everyone.

Joey has no idea the adventure we have been on, but I know that as she gets older, she will totally understand the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child." And some day she will realize what I realize every day, that our adventure would not be complete without the best village 2 girls could ask for.