Peoria Mama Interview: Meet Kara

This month we are excited to welcome Kara to our BUSHBABY journal. Thanks for spending time with us, Kara.

Tell us a little bit about your beginnings. Where were you born + raised? When did you + your husband settle here in Peoria?

I was born in South Korea, and adopted when I was 3 months old. I have pretty much lived in Peoria my whole life! I graduated from Bradley University then went to Chicago for graduate school. After I graduated, I moved back to Peoria. I love this town! I met my husband Matt after I moved back to Peoria. Matt and I have now been married for 6 ½ years and we have 2 amazing children and one on the way. Eden is 5 and Deacon is 2 ½. Deacon was adopted from Korea and has been with us for almost a year- although we can’t imagine him ever not being here. We have one more on the way- the way of Korean adoption. He is 4 years old, and we can’t wait to have him home!

What is the best part of being mom to Eden + Deacon?

The best part of being their mom is seeing their little smiles and hearing their laughter. I am so privileged to be able to raise them!

What are your favorite family traditions from your own childhood?

I have so many memories of playing outside with my brothers. We camped, we fished, we had mud fights. There was a year growing up that my parents turned off our TV’s, so we definitely became creative in our play! Since we were all adopted, we also got to each celebrate our “Special Day” which was the day we came home. It was like a 2nd birthday! 

What is your favorite family tradition with your family now?

We are constantly building and making new memories and traditions. We love playing outside as well as our family movie nights- complete with popcorn and marshmallows.

kara blog picture1.JPG

What is your favorite spot in Peoria to go with your family?

Honestly, we love hanging out in our house and backyard. Other than that- we also spend quite a lot of time at Cyd's :)

What are must-have pieces that you have for your kiddos right now?

I am obsessed with the kids’ Keen’s! I can buy them each a pair and know that they will last as long as they fit in them. They don’t really wear anything else in the summer, and in the winter I make them wear some socks with them!

Since you have been in BUSHBABY, what would be something you would want others to look at next time they are in?

I LOVE that BUSHBABY is carrying the GroVia cloth diapers! I totally didn’t picture myself the cloth diapering type, but we took the leap and LOVED it!!

Any special plans for you + your family in 2015?

Hopefully heading to Korea to pick up our son!!

Wow, Kara, 2015 will be so special for your family! Thanks so much for sharing your cuties with us + for sharing the products that keep up with your adventurous kiddos.