Guest Post by Abbey: New Year, New Eyes

I don’t usually jump on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, but 2016 feels like an appropriate year to hop on with all I have. Just over a year ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy: Ira. He is just over a year old as I write this. Finding out I was pregnant that cold March morning was a shock to my husband and me. I believe we had just recently had the “let’s wait five years to have kids” discussion. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change a single moment. That little boy has shook us to our bones and allowed us to look seriously into what matters in life.

As I sit here, reveling in this short, sweet time I have to myself, with no interruptions besides taking a moment to sip my coffee, I think about Ira… that little boy I get to spend every day with… that little ball of energy that sends a pulse of adventure and curiosity into the smallest of details. He is just about to start walking. You can see it in his eyes as he stands there in the middle of the living room, holding on to nothing but a kitchen spoon. He emanates a sense of wonder. He feels deeply and loves fiercely. Since he was around six months, he has been enthralled with lights. Any kind of light. You’ll hear him say with such excitement, “IGHT! IGHT!”

There is a grand adventure in every day. It can lie hidden, but a little boy by your side will always show you how to find it. I hope with this New Year he feels the adventure too. I hope to be outside together, to go hiking and camping all across Illinois, to be among family and friends. I look forward to taking him to the Peoria PlayHouse where we can meet new people who are on similar journeys. I look forward to seeing Ira perched on a little step stool helping us cook meals in our kitchen. Most of all, I hope to nurture a place where things aren’t always black and white and that’s okay.

I know my husband and I have grand plans on how to raise our little one well. But, as I’ve already experienced, he’ll be the one teaching us. My New Years resolution is to look at the world through his eyes; to feel his sense of wonder and passion and excitement; to love deeply and explore wildly. Cheers to being a mother. Cheers to children. Cheers to the New Year.