Guest Post by Erika: A New Adventure

Today we are pleased to hear from an East Peoria mom,  Erika {at Design by Erika}. Be sure to check out her creative efforts at her site, after you read her encouraging words.

Welcome, Erika!

            “Luka! Do you want to go on an adventure?” I ask my daughter this question at least every few days.  Her little face will light up, and I'll tell her the plan as I fasten her into her carseat. Sometimes the adventure is truly great; we'll visit the animals at the farm park or go with her cousin to the Peoria Playhouse.  Other days, “adventure” should be in air quotes. I've definitely pulled out this phrase to try to psych Luka (and myself) up for another trip to the grocery store. But that truly is one of the best parts about having a child; anything can become an adventure. You get to see the silver linings.  We listen to the wind in the trees, check out odd produce at the grocery store, or walk to see the unique, painted fire hydrant down our street.  Luka loves people. So even if the destination is as mundane as the gas station, I can ask, “Do you want to go see the people?” and she will get really excited. Seeing her happily yelling Hello! to everyone she sees makes any outing more fun.


            As much as I love my daughter, being a mom can be scary. It took me a long time to decide to have a baby. My husband was ready long before I was. I had a business I'd been building for years, friends who I loved spending quality time with, and plenty of time for travel. I was content with the life we had built. Everyone talks about how having kids changes your life so drastically, and I was petrified to lose it all.

            Almost 2 years later, I'm not going to sugar coat did change drastically! I'm doing a lot less of things that seemed so essential before I had my daughter.  But every day, I'm getting a few of those back as she leaves the bitty baby stage. And the gains far outweigh the losses. I get to experience life again with fresh eyes, and we both learn something new every day. In the end, my daughter is my greatest adventure.

Thanks so much for adding beauty to our BUSHBABY journal, Erika. Your motherhood journey is only beginning, but your perspective is so perfect!