Get to know a Central IL mama: Meet Kacy!

Hi, Kacy! Welcome to the Bushbunch, our crew of adventure-loving IL families! Tell us a little about you + your little family.

I was raised in Tremont, IL and am proud to be a Tremont Turk! I attended Eureka College where I received my Bachelor's degree and went onto Bradley University for my Master's degree. I am an accountant at Caterpillar and have the company to thank for my husband. We met at work and married years later in 2011. We are settled in Germantown Hills with our daughter Norah (2.5 years old), Keller (1 year old) and our dog Cooper.

With a young family and hectic work schedules, finding balance and maintaining our faith is key for our family. It's the little things that make a big difference. As a family, we try to always eat dinner together, pray out loud together and make time for snuggles and movies every night. As our kids grow, I understand these simple routines can become challenging so I'm always looking for new 'little things' to adopt. We recently started a 'Memory Jar' where we write down random experiences, silly comments, actions, etc and place them in a jar. We plan to set time aside each year to go through them and hope this tradition continues.

We love to travel (and can't wait to do more when our children are older) and spend a lot of time in Door County, WI. My husband's family has been vacationing there for years, and we are continuing the tradition. We escape there whenever we can! WI is absolutely beautiful and has proven to be the perfect 'home away from home'. While the winters are usually more severe, the summers are cooler and the football is better :)

When the weather allows, our favorite place in Peoria to visit as a family is Wildlife Prairie Park. The kids love the 'aminals' (as Norah would say) and we enjoy the atmosphere and scenery.

Right now my must-haves for my children are numerous as seasons are changing and they grow quickly. Fleece jackets are a must, but it's also nice to change things up and rely on well-made base layers with vests. I'm so thankful that Bushbaby is an option in the area. I personally prefer taking my kids in and fitting them there vs. the online size guessing/returning game. And shopping local is a win for everyone. I especially like the Conservation Project and have found many 'gems' there. Likewise, I know by investing in quality pieces today I will be able to recycle them and put that money towards something else in the future.

My children consistently amaze me. My sweet Keller is always crawling onto my lap and resting his head on my shoulder. I'm reminded each and every time just how precious these moments are. My independent and outgoing little Norah loves dressing up, dancing and making people laugh. She reminds me to not take things so seriously. Slowing down and being silly is good for my soul, and I'm thankful I have 2 beautiful reminders of that each and every day.

Oh Kacy! Your kids are adorable + your family has such fun together! Thanks so much for taking time to let us get to know you all better.