Guest Post by Lisa : Growing an adventurous family

Born & raised on a farm myself, adventure in the great outdoors has always been a natural part of my life!
I was fortunate enough to marry someone who shares my love of nature. Both of us are Central Illinois natives raising two beautiful active girls in our cozy Morton home. Together we spend as many hours outdoors as possible. On any given day (when the weather allows), you’ll find us at our little lake club hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, or tadpole catching. Exploring Grandpa’s farm or playing at the local park are favorite past-times as well. My girls are not “girly-girls”. They love bugs and dirt as much as any boy... We make lots of messes together!

Last summer we introduced the girls to the mountains of Colorado. It was love at first sight! With notebooks and cameras in hand, they explored and studied everything they saw.

2015 is sure to bring more adventure! Growing kids means growing curiosity and greater adventures. We’re looking forward to campouts, longer hiking and biking treks, and our first trip to Disney World. When we aren’t getting messy digging up worms or creating fairy houses in the backyard, the girls do enjoy getting fancy and clean up quite nicely!

Thanks so much, Lisa, for sharing with us a beautiful perspective of life in Central IL. We can all learn from your family's commitment to outdoor fun + encouraging curiosity in the minds of our precious kids.

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