Peoria Mama Interview: Meet Cathy!

Cathy + her family are a vital part of the Peoria community.
Can't wait for you to meet this lovely mama, her husband Will + her daughter Caroline (12).

Were you born + raised here in Peoria? How did you meet your husband Will?

Will + I both grew up in Peoria + met through friends. We even attended the same high school, but never met until we were adults!

What is your favorite memory from Caroline's babyhood?

Oh, there are so many! She waited a bit to talk + when she started, it was so great -- I think she went straight to complete sentences!

What's the best part of being Caroline's mom?

I think watching her grow is amazing! Each stage is so beautiful; she is becoming more + more independent...right now it is just so fun to communicate with her at new + deeper levels.

What are some favorite family traditions from your own childhood?

Birthdays were always so special; we knew they were OUR days. Another memory is Halloween...In our neighborhood, there was a designated spot where the dads took the kids for hot chocolate + donuts after trick or treating.

What is your favorite family tradition with Will + Caroline?

Actually Caroline's birthday! It has really become a celebration of all our friends. Each birthday, we choose a charity together to support, + ask our friends to support the organization instead of bringing gifts. Our world, impacting the bigger world!

What is a favorite spot that your family enjoys in Peoria?

We love exploring Wildlife Prairie Park!

What is your family's favorite vacation spot?

We don't get there often enough, but we love to play + relax on the lake in the woods of New Hampshire. We also love any bike trail!

What local non-profits or foundations do you support? What would you encourage other Peoria mamas to learn more about?

The Sun Foundation is very near + dear to our hearts -- especially Art + Science in the Woods. Kids spend a week being kids! Playing, getting devices-- all the while learning! I wish it lasted all summer! Other non-profits we are thrilled to be a part of are Wildlife Prairie Park, the Peoria Riverfront Museum, + of course, our school, St. Thomas the Apostle.

What were must-have pieces that you depended on when Caroline was younger?

I had lots of great pieces from Patagonia...from the little baby bunting to fleece pullovers (which Caroline still wears) + their long underwear + blankets.

Since you have already stopped in to check out Bushbaby, what is something you think other mamas should look at?


What is the next project your family is working on?

Our school auction will be December 6 at St. Thomas. After that-- who knows?

We have one last treat from Cathy -- her daughter Caroline shared with us a list of things she is grateful for this season. What a special young lady + what a special family!

Thanks so much, Cathy + Will + Caroline for being a part of our Bushbaby family. It's so sweet to get to know our community better through you!